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Social Media Marketing Topics From The Blog


Best ways to advertise on social media. These blogs teach you how to build rockstar advertising campaigns.

Brand Awareness

Claiming and showcasing your brand. Your dream clients need to know who you are! How will you get your name in front of them?

Building Authority

Making a name for yourself in your industry. How do you become an expert in a vast sea of competition?

Content Creation

Best ways to build killer content. In these blogs, I go over graphics, video, audio, and content writing tips.


Get the latest in sales funnel theory, building, and design.

Lead Generation

All about getting more leads for your business through social media marketing.

Marketing Foundation

Implementing vital steps that will be the core of your business. Mission statements, strategies, research, and plans.

Marketing Strategy

Planning and execution. How do you plan to market your business, service, and products? In these blogs, I lay out my blueprint.

Organic Social Media Marketing Strategies

Free leads. No paid ads. How is it done? Before spending money on PPC, take a look at these blogs to get free organic leads.

Social Media Audience

Identifying, locating, and attracting your dream clients. Before you make a single social media post, you need to read these blogs.

Social Media Best Practices

How to get the most out of social media. The internet is full of confusing, misleading information. Find out what works.

Social Media Platforms

Learn everything about each platform. Social media is constantly evolving. Stay tuned in with the latest updates and features.

Who the heck is Glen Huff?

Hi! I’m Glen Huff – founder of Social Titans. A digital marketing agency that specializes in social media lead generation.

For the last 12 years, I have personally built and managed social media campaigns for a variety of local and online businesses. This includes Gyms, HVAC, Plumbers, Landscaping, Handymen, Chiropractors, Dentists, Coaches, and other various industries. All of the business owners share a single goal: Get more leads through online advertising!

My motto is simple. Business owners should not have to stress over marketing. They should focus on one thing; running their business. That’s why I founded Social Titans. My goal is to make it easy to get leads and make money through social media marketing. I hope you enjoy my blog and make use of all the tools I provide.