Defining a mission statement

A strong mission statement is the foundation of a successful organization. It defines what you stand for. It can inspire employees, attract customers and investors, align everyone in your organization around a common goal, and help guide strategic decision-making.

Most importantly, it serves as a direction to keep you on track when the winds of change blow against your sails, even when it seems like everyone else is tacking their sails in the wrong direction!

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement vividly describes what your company does and why.

It’s the first thing customers will look at when considering whether to work or order from your company. It’s also an excellent way for employees to know their job and how it fits into the organization’s bigger picture.

A good mission statement will be short and easy to understand; most are between one sentence and two paragraphs long.

Qualities of a strong mission statement

It should be short

A clear and concise mission statement is easily understood by everyone in the organization, which makes it easier to communicate externally. It’s also more memorable and essential when trying to get new clients to your company or retain the existing ones. This is why a strong mission statement should be short, no longer than about 100 words or so.


Your mission statement should be persuasive. This means it should be written to encourage people to act on its principles. That’s why you need to use language that is emotionally evocative and persuasive words.

You also want your mission statement to appeal to the reader, so use language that speaks directly to their needs or concerns. The best way to ensure that your mission statement is persuasive and thriving is by making sure it’s targeted at people who share your business values.

It should be clear and focused

A quality mission statement is clear, concise, and easy to understand. It should be specific rather than general. The focus should not be on the company’s products or services but on the purpose that drives those products and services. A strong mission statement will express what makes a company unique in relation to its industry, customers, and competitors.

Should be achievable

A good mission statement should be achievable. This means it should be a realistic goal that you can accomplish, given your organization’s resources and capabilities. It also means that it’s something you want to achieve. No one else will be if you’re not passionate about your organization’s goal! The mission statement should also be measurable, knowing how and when your goals have been achieved.

Should be strategic

A strong mission statement is a clearly articulated, concise statement of the company’s purpose and reason. It should be a statement of your values, goals, and objectives.

A strong mission statement should also be strategic; it should be written to serve as an effective tool to guide decision-making within your organization.

It should be unique

It should be different from other companies’ mission statements and something you can own. It can’t stand out if your company is like everyone else’s. While your mission statement needs to reflect some commonality with others in the industry, it must feel authentic for your business model and goals.

A strong mission statement should help stay focused on what matters most at any given time in the company.


A strong mission statement is an essential tool for businesses and organizations. It can help you reach your goals and provide direction for the future. To create a perfect mission statement for your business or organization, you must consider the abovementioned qualities.

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