What are the disadvantages of Instagram?

Instagram’s meteoric rise to success can be attributed to the platform’s easy-to-use interface, intuitive design, and the acquisition of its rival app, Vine. It also helps that Instagram has shaped itself into a home for “influencers” of all kinds, from big companies with marketing budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to people with a small following but an avid passion for something or someone.

There are many advantages of Instagram, and that’s why it’s so trendy. However, there are also some disadvantages that you should be aware of before you start using Instagram for personal or business purposes. Here are some of them:

Possibility of Image Theft

The app has been known for its high-quality photography and visual content, which makes it an excellent place for photographers to build their portfolios. However, if you aren’t careful, someone can easily take your photo and post it on their account without your permission. Image theft sometimes occurs when people use your photos as inspiration for their work or take screenshots of your images without crediting you.

Creates The Need For A Fake Life

When people see photos of other people’s lives on social media, they often compare themselves to those people and feel they need to have their own perfect life to fit in with their peers. Such comparisons can lead to depression and anxiety among young people struggling with their appearance, who feel like they will never be good enough or popular enough because they don’t live up to what other people want them to look like online.


Instagram can be addictive because it allows users to share their lives with others in real-time. Most individuals may want to take a break from their feeds. If this sounds like something that may interest you, consider taking a break from Instagram for about a week or two every couple of months so that you don’t get burned out on the site by constantly seeing what other people are doing with their lives every day.

False Advertising

Instagram has been criticized for being a platform for false advertising, in which users post photos that make products look better than they are. False advertising by taking pictures of products that have been professionally edited and then adding them to their Instagram feeds. The problem with this is that people may buy products that don’t look like they do online.

The Privacy Of The Images Is Collective, Not Individual

Instagram allows you to share your photos with anyone worldwide, but there’s no way to control who sees them or how they’re used. Anyone who has access to your account can view all your photos and videos without needing permission from you first. And even if you restrict who sees your posts so only people you approve can see them, anyone who finds the link to your account can still check out everything you’ve posted without having access to it directly through your profile page.


While Instagram started as a simple way to share pictures with friends, it has since expanded into much more. It’s a powerful social media tool that can build and grow your brand or, at the very least, make your life a bit more interesting. However, despite all of its helpful features, there are certain drawbacks to using Instagram. As with any tool or site on the Internet, there are good and bad parts.

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