Discovering who is your dream client

When you’re in business or a freelancer, your clients are everything. Without them, you must find another way to make money or go out of business. It is tricky because you might end up with the wrong kind of client—one that doesn’t appreciate your work or doesn’t pay well.

The first step towards getting the right client is by discovering who your dream client is. Your dream client is someone who can appreciate your skills and talents, pays pretty much for the service they’re receiving, and will still be around when you need them to be in the long run. The following points are some things to consider when trying to discover who is your dream client.

Powerful Suggestions For Finding Your Dream Client

Finding your dream client is a skill. It takes time, patience and persistence. Here are five tips to help you find the perfect clients:

  • Find your niche: This is the most crucial step. As an illustrator, you need to find a particular clientele you’re passionate about. The more specific your audience, the better — this will help you tailor your marketing efforts and create a style that resonates with your target audience.
  • Create an avatar of your dream client: Once you’ve found a niche, create an “avatar” of the dream client for that niche. The avatar is someone who embodies all the qualities that make up the perfect customer for your business. Write down everything about this person — what they look like, their interests, what they do for fun, etc. You can even draw this person if you want!
  • Look for your clients on Social Networks: Social networks are great places to find new customers and business leads. You can start by following people who are already following you or have similar interests. Then, reach out to them and ask if you can help them with anything.
  • Local Networking & Professional Associations: There are many networking groups, so it’s essential to find the ones that make sense for your business. Look for groups with many people with the same interests as you, and then join those groups and go to meetings when possible!
  • Word of mouth. It’s also the most effective way to grow your business. If you have a happy customer, ask them if they know anyone who could benefit from your services. If you do an excellent job for someone, they will tell their friends about it.

What Makes a Client Happy?

A happy client is a client who feels like they got the service they paid for and the product quality that they expected. You want your customer to be satisfied with their purchase and feel like your business genuinely cares about their needs and interests. Quality service will ensure that they feel confident in placing another order with you in the future and are willing to recommend you to others.


It’s not just about your business, hustle, or even profits. It’s about finding someone who is worth your time, someone whose needs you take the time to understand and meet: someone who is no longer just a client but a friend and colleague. Loyalty means a long-lasting and actualized relationship in which there is an emotional attachment with your client that you can rest assured will stand the test of time. Even if your team changes, your client values your input and wants to see significant work come out of those changes.

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