Good copy versus bad copy

Good copywriting will highlight your product and make it stand out from the competition, focusing on its uniqueness or advantage. Your marketing message should concisely provide potential customers with a reason to purchase immediately.

It should explain why a particular product or service is worth the price. Bad copy, on the other hand, is when a company provides too much information that becomes redundant and fails to offer anything new.

What makes a good copy?

A good copy is written in an attractive, compelling, and persuasive style. They have to be able to think like the audience they are trying to reach so that they can create ads that speak directly to them. They also must understand everything about their product or service, its competition, and how it compares with other products or services on the market.

The better you know your product or service, the better you can write copy that quickly gets your target market interested in your offer.

Here are some tips for writing compelling copy:

  • Be specific and descriptive: Use clear, simple language that conveys precisely what your readers want to know and do when they read your ad. Be specific about what makes your company or product different from the market.
  • Use action words: Use verbs that convey movement, such as “solve,” “improve,” “save,” “reduce,” etc.
  • Use active voice: Using active voice makes your copy sound more natural and friendly than passive voice, which makes things sound more formal or stiff.

Why is a good copy so important?

Here are three reasons why good copy is so important:

Good Copy Sells

Good copy sells. It gets your product or service seen by the right people, who then become customers. But not just any copy will do; it has to be good. You’ll lose potential customers immediately if your message isn’t on point. Good copy will sell because it speaks directly to your target audience.

Good Copy Creates a Lasting Bond with Your Audience

Good copy creates an emotional connection with your audience that lasts long after they leave your site or exit an email campaign. The longer this bond lasts between you and your reader, the more likely they’ll make that purchase or sign up for your newsletter. Ensure to create emotional content that resonates with readers and offers clear information about your products and services.

Good Copy Transforms Products into Must-Haves

People buy products they need and want. But people buy products that are also unique, interesting, and different from the rest. Good copywriting can do this by creating a unique voice for your brand and product. It’s easy to see how this can help a product become a must-have item for customers.

Good Copy Provides Measurable Results

Good copywriting is about creating beautiful words that make people feel good about themselves. It’s about creating value for people so they will take action and purchase your product or service. Good copywriting is essential if you want tangible results from your marketing efforts.


The takeaway is that bad copy can ruin your website even if the site is otherwise well-designed. Remember that you’re trying to have the reader take action, so it’s essential that whatever copy you incorporate works to persuade them to click on or buy something. Of course, this can be challenging if you’re not a skilled writer, so it may be worthwhile trying to hire a copywriter or get tips from others to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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