Good creative versus bad creative

Good creativity is always in demand. No matter how good a company is, they are still competing against other companies to sell its product. Good advertising helps promote sales by explaining the product’s benefits to the consumer and why it’s better than others. It also can be used to help change a person’s perception of the product; some examples of bad creative include falsely advertised products and even deceptive advertisements.

The best kind of creative allows for multiple meanings and interpretations by the viewer, with no stereotypes or offensive material. It’s also important to be relevant to what is being sold and show a real benefit to the consumer. Creativity can come from different places, like music, art, or everyday objects. Extra thought needs to go into creativity because it needs to be done correctly to impact sales positively.

How Does Creativity Affect Advertising?

What exactly makes creativity so important in advertising? Here are reasons why it’s essential:

Good Creative Equals Personalization

Creativity helps a brand to establish an emotional connection with its target audience. Creativity gives a brand personality and makes it stand out from the rest. It allows brands to tell stories that connect with consumers on an emotional level, which in turn increases brand loyalty and engagement with consumers. Without creativity in advertising, brands cannot differentiate themselves from the competition and hence fail to attract customers.

Good Creative Equals Brand Recognition

Creative advertising helps brand awareness among consumers by standing out from other brands through unique and compelling messaging. Creative advertising also helps build trust among consumers for a brand by highlighting its strengths and benefits over competitors’ products or services.

A creative campaign can also help create consumer recall for a brand name or product/service feature among consumers who may have heard about it previously but need to remember what it is all about or how it works exactly!

Good Creative Equals Storytelling

The best advertising is always storytelling. It’s not just a good idea; it’s more than just an interesting concept. It’s an actual story that people can relate to. And when you tell a story, you engage the audience because they’re interested in what happens next. They want to know how this character will get out of trouble or find their way back home or whether the dog gets caught in the tree. And those kinds of stories are compelling because they’re relatable and emotional, and that’s what advertising should be all about, connecting with people emotionally.

Good Creative Equals Engagement

It’s the first thing people see when looking at a campaign and sets the tone for everything that follows. Without creativity, you’re just another company selling products or services, and you need something that stands out and gets people talking about your brand.


Creative works to ignite your audience’s imaginations. It draws them into the world of your brand. Good creativity is memorable, almost hypnotic. It stands out yet somehow blends in with the background, connecting with audiences almost subliminally. Bad creativity does not instill any desire to interact with it. Its only desire is to make you run away from itself as quickly as possible.

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