How do you find your audience?

Digital marketing targets people most likely interested in your product or service. That’s why it’s essential to know who your target audience is and where you can find them. You may need to know who your audience is to crack the conversion nut.

When we’re talking in website terms, this equals getting the traffic numbers you want. In other words, your audience is everything in creating marketing campaigns, making sales and getting new clients.

How do I find my audience on social media?

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to find out who your target audience is, even if you need help figuring out where to start. Here are six tips for finding people who will buy from you:

Identify or create buyer personas

A buyer persona is a fictional character that represents your ideal customer or client. This can be based on existing customers, but you may find that creating new personas helps you think about your target audience more creatively.

Find out where your audience is most active

You don’t need to know every single place where your target audience hangs out online, but it helps to know some of the main places where they interact with each other and spend time online. For example, if you’re targeting stay-at-home moms, you should know where they chat online (Facebook Groups?), which parenting blogs they read and which brands they follow on social media.

Look at your competitors

When you are starting a business, it is essential to know who your target audience is. It will help you determine what products or services you should offer, where to advertise and how much to charge for the product or service.

If there are already similar businesses on the market, look at their target audiences to see who they are targeting and why. This will give you an idea of what kind of customers you should be looking for to keep up with the competition.

Define Who Your Target Audience Isn’t

If you need clarification on what they look like, start by listing the people who aren’t your target audience. These people need to fit into your customer profile and will never be interested in what you offer. It’s essential to know these people because they can be great influencers for your product or service.

Continuously Revise

Once you have identified your target audience, you must continue to monitor them so that as time goes on and trends change, so do you. You may also find that some people from your initial list no longer fit into this category because they have changed their minds or no longer fit the criteria that the market research department at your company previously established.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools available for marketers today. It allows you to track your visitors’ behavior on your website and gives you insights into what they do on each page. This information will help you determine what types of visitors are coming to your site, where they’re coming from, how they’re interacting with it and what they’re interested in doing there.


What’s important to understand about your target audience is that they are made up of individuals. Each member of your target market has their interests, values, goals, and motivations. When you create your marketing plan, you need to keep this in mind. You need to know how to appeal to and connect with each individual. And when you do that successfully, the result will be a success for your business, whether it’s a design studio, small business or anything else.

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