How to find out what’s valuable for your audience

Have you ever wondered what topics your readers are most interested in? The best strategy is to deliver excellent and valuable content based on your readers’ wants and ensure that your content aligns with your business goals.

To find out what’s valuable for your audience, you need to know what your audience wants, and you need to know what they value and are willing to give you their time. Read on to get to know how to find out what’s valuable for your audience.

Study What Your Clients Need and Want

Before you can identify which products or services to sell, you need to know what your clients need and want. This is best done by taking the time to study them. What are their challenges? How do they solve these challenges? What products or services are they currently using? How can you provide a better solution?

The most excellent way to learn about your audience is by observing them in their natural habitat, i.e., Facebook groups and other online communities. You can also conduct surveys to learn more about their needs and wants.

Use Social Media To Find Out What’s Valuable for Your Audience

If you’re starting, you may not have a large following on your social media accounts. Don’t worry. You can still use this strategy to find out what’s valuable for your audience.

Just take the time to listen and observe. You can do this by reading comments or questions on your posts, replying honestly, and engaging with people who directly mention you or your business on social media.

You’ll also want to search Google for questions about your niche or industry. Once you find some common questions that people are asking online, try answering them yourself or creating content that answers them.

Watch for Patterns in Your Feedback

If you get so many similar requests, that’s probably an indication that something is missing from your product or service. If all your users show up with the same question or request, it’s time to start afresh by returning to the drawing board.

Check Out What’s Trending in Your Industry

You can learn a lot about what people want by keeping track of trends in your industry. For example, if you own a restaurant, keep an eye on other restaurants in the same area as yours. See what they are offering and how much people are paying for it. This will give you insight into what food/drinks have become popular lately and which don’t seem to sell well.

Create a Survey

A survey is one of the easiest ways to determine what’s valuable for your audience. If you want to make it more personal, try asking questions about their experiences with your product or service, which helps you understand their expectations and how you can meet them.


It will likely take some time to complete this list, but the effort is well worth it. By taking the time to find out what your audience value most, wants, and needs, you can better tailor your content to those specific valuable needs. And in the end, that will pay off in a more engaged audience, a stronger brand image, and hopefully more customers. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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