Types of Content You Need to Publish to Position Yourself as an Expert

Are you building a content marketing strategy? Do you need to know what types of content to publish? You can publish many kinds of content, such as videos, ebooks, etc.

That said, finding the right content to publish to build authority in your market can be highly frustrating. This is why you need to know what experts usually publish. This blog post will get into the different types of content experts publish.

Types of Content Experts Publish

Blog Posts

They are probably one of the most common types of content you’ll see on the Internet today. Blogs allow you to publish long-form articles on a specific topic or industry, which makes them helpful in educating readers and driving engagement by encouraging comments and social sharing. Blog posts can also be used as part of an email marketing campaign because they’re easily digestible pieces of content that can be sent out over time through email newsletters or RSS feeds.


Books are the most common type of content you’ll find from content experts, and books can be written as standalone titles or as part of a series. Content experts with solid brands can drive sales of their books through their websites, social media channels, and other marketing efforts.


Video is an excellent way for you, as an expert, to share your knowledge with your audience. Videos can be from one minute to several hours long and should be relevant to your industry or niche. Experts produce videos on specific topics, such as marketing strategies or customer service best practices.


A podcast is simply an audio recording you upload to your blog or website that people can play on their phones or computers. They are a great way to reach your audience. Podcasts are more intimate and personal than other forms of content and can be consumed anytime. People also tend to listen on the go, so it’s an excellent opportunity for you to capture their attention away from your website or social media accounts.


These visual representations of information can be easily shared on social media. They typically include text, images, and other media, such as charts or graphs. They’re often colorful and fun, which makes them a great way to engage your audience.


A guide is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do something, like how to make homemade candles or how to get started with Instagram marketing. It’s usually written in plain English so anyone can follow along, even if they’ve never done it before. The best guides include pictures, illustrations, and videos to illustrate key points. These are great ways to show your expertise in your field and build more traffic.

Email List

Content experts can use their expertise to build an email list of subscribers who are interested in their topic. Email marketing is usually one effective way to grow and expand your business. It’s especially effective for content experts because it mostly allows them to target people who have requested information about a specific subject.


Hopefully, this article has given you some very helpful insight into some of the different types of content experts are publishing. Once you figure out what kind of content you fall into, you will feel much more comfortable knowing what content to produce for your readers.

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