How to know it’s time to switch your creative

It’s only sometimes a great idea to run the same ad creative for months or even years. Well-known companies with huge ad budgets, like Nike and Coke, will continually change their ads because they have the margin, but that’s only sometimes the case for small businesses. When is it time to switch your ad creative?

Why do brands fail to get their advertising right? They must realize you must try different ad creatives to learn what works best. They waste their budgets testing several things at once and hope one will succeed instead of systematically making a list of creatives they can run, tracking results, and focusing on the ones which performed well.

How Often Should You Change Your Ad Creative?

The optimal timing for changing your ad creative depends on a few factors: the nature of the product or service, how long you’ve been running ads, and how frequently you’re testing new ad sets.

You should change your ad creative every 4-6 weeks at most. For example, if you’re running multiple tests every week, each lasting 30 days, you’ll need to change your ad copy every 90 days (3 x 30).

Getting stuck in a rut regarding your ad creative is easy. You can find yourself using the same images, copy and design for months or years on end, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Advertising experts say there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how often you should change your ad creative. It depends on your goals, your target audience, and how much money you want.

If your goal is to drive awareness, you can keep the creative monthly and weekly. But you’ll likely have to change things up more often if it’s something like increasing sales. The same goes if you’re trying to reach a specific group of people, like millennials or retirees; these groups have different interests and needs so they might respond better to ads than others.

Why should you change creative ads frequently?

Creative ads always attract more attention than plain text ads because they include pictures, videos, and other multimedia elements. If you keep showing the same creative ad for a long time, it will lose its charm, and people will not notice it anymore.

Some people may even become annoyed by seeing the same thing repeatedly in their newsfeeds or browser tabs. So if you want maximum results from your social media campaigns, make sure you change creative ads frequently!

So why should you change creative ads frequently? There are five simple reasons why changing creative ads often can help your business:

  • Guaranteed fresh content
  • You’ll stop wasting money on abandoned campaigns
  • People will trust you more
  • It’s better for your overall ROI
  • It’s better for user experience


You must design exciting and engaging campaigns in a digital world that demands ever-increasing attention spans. A static ad that sits there is unlikely to attract anyone’s attention, and it will just become part of the background static noise of the internet. Your ads must stand out to engage your audience, even if only for a few seconds. In short, they need to be creative.

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