Who is your customer avatar?

Every business needs a target customer or “avatar.” You’ve probably heard this term before, but you might be confused about it. People can take very different approaches to defining their customer avatars; some build from a list of features, others from a personality profile.

However you go about it, take time to put yourself in the shoes of your avatar and think about what they want in your product. What are the core motivations for why that person would use it? Where are they, and what is their background? And how can you make what you’re offering match that up? Defining an avatar gives you insight into your target customer and helps you look at your business with fresh eyes.

Here’s How It Works:

You start by identifying the personality traits that define your ideal customer. These traits may include age, gender, income level, occupation, location, or other factors relevant to your business. You then create a profile for this person based on these characteristics. This profile will serve as a blueprint for all future marketing efforts because it helps you create content that resonates with your target audience.

Traits And Details of What Makes a Customer Avatar

  • A vital part of your overall marketing strategy: It may sound strange to talk about imaginary people, but an avatar is critical to your overall marketing strategy. Knowing your target audience to create content that speaks directly to them and ensures you meet their needs.
  • A fictional character with wants, conditions, and pain points: Your avatar should be described as a real person with a name, age, gender, and other identifying characteristics but not necessarily based on an actual person (although there are exceptions). They should be able to talk about what matters most to them in a way that feels authentic and relatable to everyone else in their situation.
  • An avatar depicts your target audience: This can be useful because it allows you to focus on specific individuals instead of generalizing about groups or demographics. You can also use this information to create content that appeals to certain people.
  • An avatar is based on research and data: generalized descriptions based on findings from research studies or other forms of data analysis. The goal is to create an accurate physical description, personality traits, demographic information, and further important details about the person who would most likely purchase your product or service.
  • A customer that buys more and promotes your brand: This is ideal for any business because they’re likely to continue spending with you over time. They also refer new customers and often promote your brand through social media channels or word-of-mouth recommendations.


An avatar is not a real person, but it should be a composite of all your best customers. A combination of the best features of each one. The guiding force behind the decision process.

Ultimately, your customer avatar is the most concrete image of your ideal customer. As such, it’s worth putting considerable effort into crafting a detailed profile because this will inspire your marketing efforts—and make targeting specific demographics much easier.

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