Why serving your audience matters

Serving your audience is the primary purpose of any business, and it is all about keeping the customers happy and loyal. There are, of course, other great things you can do to create more value, make more money, and inspire great press, but if you aren’t helping people, there’s no point in doing anything.

Startups and businesses have a lot to learn from each other. The most successful startups think of their companies as collections of people serving one another, not as hierarchical organizations with a single boss on top. Startups shift the focus away from the company and onto the customer. Understanding what customers value is at the heart of creating something that’s both valuable and feasible

Here are six reasons why serving your audience matters in business:

Serving customers builds trust and authority.

If you serve your audience, they will repeatedly come back and buy from you. This is because when people feel that a company or brand is working for them and not just taking from them, they develop a sense of loyalty to that company or brand. Studies have shown that 80% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from brands that treat them well. They also tend to refer other customers to those brands, which increases sales exponentially.

Helps build a positive brand reputation

Serving your customers makes it easy for them to recommend your business to their friends, family members, and colleagues – which can help build a positive brand reputation. When people know that serving others is essential in your business, they will trust you more than if they felt like you were only concerned with making money off of them. Also, by ensuring every customer has a great experience with your business, you can build up credibility with the media – which can also help increase sales!

It helps you understand your business better.

When you’re serving your audience, you can see the big picture of what’s happening in your business. You can see what’s working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly. Understanding your customers helps you make better decisions about all aspects of your business, including marketing, sales, and customer service.

Helps build stronger relationships with customers or clients

Serving your audience helps you understand them and builds a strong relationship with them. It allows them to discuss their problems and concerns regarding your business or products. If you listen carefully to them, there will be chances for improvement in your business model or product features that may be missing from their perspective.

It helps you learn from mistakes.

Serving customers means having an open mind towards everything they say because each customer has different needs and preferences, which are unique compared to other customers. Suppose you keep an open mind toward their feedback. In that case, there is a high chance that it will help you improve yourself and avoid making mistakes while serving others in the future because of this learning process that happened earlier when serving a specific customer or client at any time.

A competitive advantage over other businesses

When your customers feel like you are doing everything you can for them, it becomes an advantage for your business. Your clients will have a reason to choose you over a competitor, especially if you offer the same or similar service.


Ultimately, the reason for serving your audience is that it’s good for business. But the fact remains that sometimes doing what’s good for business takes time to come naturally, and we must think carefully about why it is sustainable in the long run. If you’re struggling to find motivation, look at your customers as people, in particular, as people who aren’t any different from you. Chances are, if you were faced with their needs, you would want someone to do the same for you.

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