17 Ways to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

Advocates are people who are actively promoting your brand to others. They’re the ones who spread the word about your company through social media, email and word-of-mouth.

They’re also the first to recommend your business when someone asks for a recommendation. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to turn customers into advocates. Here are 17 ideas to get you started:

Find Your Advocates

The first step in becoming a better advocate for your business is finding out who your most loyal customers are and how much they love you. Ask them what they love about you, why they continue to buy from you and what they would like to see improved. Then use this information to ensure that every customer who walks through the door gets the same experience.

Offer Awesome Customer Service

The best way to turn your customers into brand advocates is by providing great customer service. Suppose people have had a positive experience with your company. In that case, they will naturally want others to know about it, especially when they know how much time and effort went into making their experience exceptional.

Ask for Feedback

Asking for customer feedback isn’t just about improving your business; it also shows them that you care about their opinions and want to continue offering them a good experience every time they visit your store or website.

Remember Their Name

When you have a customer’s name, you can use it in follow-up emails, social media posts, and other communications. It helps you to stand out as an individual rather than a faceless brand. Plus, it’s just polite.

Drive Repeat Purchases

If your customers enjoy their purchase and receive value from it, they will likely want to purchase from you again. Offer promotions that reward repeat purchases, especially when they buy something in addition to what they already purchased, and encourage them to share their new purchase with their friends on social media.

Offer a Loyalty Program

Offering loyalty rewards (such as discounts or free upgrades) for repeat purchases helps encourage customers to come back again and again. For example, if someone buys two items from your store every month for six months, offer them a special promotion or discount on their seventh purchase.

Supercharge Your Loyalty Program With Artificial Advancement

Loyalty programs are a great way to encourage repeat business and build customer relationships. But what if there was a way to supercharge these rewards? Artificial advancement is an emerging trend in loyalty programs that allows companies to give their loyal customers even more benefits than they would get from traditional points-based rewards programs.

Offer a Referral Program

One of the simplest ways to reward customers who share positive experiences with others is through a referral program. Still, finding the right incentives to motivate people to refer their friends and family members without spending too much money on rewards or discounts can be challenging.

  • Surprise Them
  • Give Out Free T-Shirts
  • Under-Promise and Over-Deliver
  • Send Thank You Notes
  • Keep Your Customers in the Loop
  • Remember Special Occasions
  • Be Up-Front and Honest With Your Customers
  • Ask For (and Use) Customer Testimonials


The future of marketing is in the customer’s hands, and we should all welcome the approach. Customers care about your company, and their willingness to be brand advocates proves that. As long as you treat them with respect, authenticity, and gratitude along the way, they’ll help you market yourself better than any branding agency could.

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