7 Steps to Create a Marketing Plan

When creating a digital marketing plan, most people first consider making a content calendar. This is essential for many businesses, especially those just starting their marketing efforts.

However, it’s not all you need to do to create a digital marketing plan. Whether creating a sales or content marketing strategy for your digital marketing plan, you must determine the budget and outline your efforts.

Identify Your Audience

Your audience is the people you hope to reach with your marketing. It can be a specific group, such as women aged 18-35 who are moms and own smartphones, or a more general group, such as people who live in your city or state. After spotting your audience, you will want to learn more about them by researching their demographics, psychographics, and behaviors.

Determine Your Goals

Goals are what you want to accomplish with digital marketing. Once you know what type of goals you have in mind, it’s easier to determine which strategies will help meet those objectives. If your goal is to increase overall sales revenue from mobile users, this would be an effective strategy for improving user experience on mobile devices. You should consider your specific goals whether you want to;

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Sell more products
  • Make visitors become customers

Research Your Competition

Research your competition to figure out what they are doing and how you can improve upon it. Check out their website, social media profiles, and any other online presence they may have. If they are not using top social media platforms, it’s time to include them in your plan. However, if they are already utilizing those platforms, it may be best to focus on other aspects of digital marketing.

Create a Content Calendar

This will help you determine what posts must be made throughout the year. Each post should be different from the last one, so your followers do not get bored with your posts over time or get tired of seeing them in their feeds. Ideally, each post will have its purpose and serve as an opportunity for your followers to learn something new about your business or products while also providing them with helpful information to take advantage of.

Create a Social Media Strategy

You should have an idea of the purpose of your social media marketing campaign. It is easier to create a strategy, provided you know what you want to achieve. Your strategies can be;

  • Looking for more customers.
  • Focusing on more engagements.
  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Increasing traffic o your website.

Set Up Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns can be set up directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. You can set up paid ads based on location, age, gender, etc. You can target specific keywords related to your business so that people who search those keywords will see your ads on their search results page.

Measure Results

You can measure results by tracking page views, the number of posts, engagement rate, traffic sources, bounce rate, and conversion rate through Google Analytics or other analytics programs. This will help you determine which content worked well and what didn’t so you can adjust accordingly.


In summary, building a digital marketing plan involves more than simply drafting a document to be put away in a filing cabinet. It requires research, consideration, and a lot of team members’ collaborative input. At its core, though, it’s an ongoing effort and one best served by regular reviews and revisions as conditions change.

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