Facebook Hacks, Tips & Tricks

The Facebook platform is vast and complex. There are many features, tricks, and hacks that you can use to optimize your experience.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ones: how to change your profile picture or cover photo, how to post to Facebook groups; create and save filters; get notifications only from those you want, and use keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Changing your profile picture or cover photo

To change your profile picture, go to your profile and click the photo icon in the top right. Select a photo from your computer or Facebook account and click the blue button to upload it.

You can also use this option to add a cover photo, which is an image that spans your header and displays as you scroll through posts. If you have multiple images on your page, they’ll appear in order of the most recent first.

  1. Posting to Facebook groups

Posting to Facebook groups works the same as posting on your profile. If you are a member of the group, you can post freely. If you have been invited to join a group but have not accepted that invitation yet, you will be able to post as soon as you accept it.

You can also post in groups without being a member or having ever been invited!

  1. Creating and saving filters

You can create a new filter by clicking on the + sign in the top right corner of your newsfeed and then selecting “Create Filter” from the dropdown menu. Once you’re in your filters tab, you can name it “Family & Friends” or “Sports News.” To add a new filter, click on “Add Filter.”

You can also go back to edit any filters you already have saved by clicking on them individually and then selecting “Edit Filter Settings.” This will bring up a window where you can change what type of posts come through for that particular filter (photos, videos, links) and who sees those posts (everyone or only certain people).

  1. Getting notifications only from those you want

Facebook has a feature called “Who can send you Facebook messages.” If you don’t want to be bombarded with notifications from anyone and everyone but still get important messages from your friends, this setting is for you.

You can only receive notifications from friends, friends of friends, or everyone. If you choose to receive notifications from everyone, it might cause some frustration if someone who isn’t even on your friend list sends a message or mentions you in a post, and they can notify you about it! The choice is up to you!

  1. Using keyboard shortcuts

Facebook has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that will help you post faster. If you want to post a photo, press the enter key instead of going through the uploader. You can also use the shift + arrow keys to select multiple photos for an album or event without clicking each one individually. Just press the spacebar to like or comment on something and type in your response. You can even use the shift + arrow keys when selecting multiple comments or links.


There are so many tools available on Facebook that it can be overwhelming to navigate them all. Still, hopefully, this article gave you a good starting place for exploring new features and ways to use them. If there is something else, we did not cover here today but would like tips on how to use it better. We hope you found some useful information in these tips and tricks. Please comment below so we can share it with everyone else.

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