Signs your targeting is not right

There are many ways to show you are targeting a small niche market. If you feel the need to include everyone, that means you’re potentially targeting everyone.

If your advertising budget is too low and your niche is too broad, you could be able to find people who meet all of your keywords. You will have time to try new things and be more careful, but keep these signs in mind if targeting too many keywords becomes an issue.

What Shows You’re Marketing Is Targeting the Wrong Audience?

To grow your business, it’s essential to ensure your targeting is right. Here are some signs that your targeting may not be working:

Not Getting the Desired Response

It could be better targeting if you get the conversion rate you expect from your ads. For example, if you are advertising to people who already own a similar product, they may already have what they need and won’t be interested in buying it.

More Visitors to Your Site Than Actual Customers

If you are getting more visitors than actual customers on your site, this can indicate that your targeting needs to be corrected too. Perhaps the people seeing your ads don’t really have an interest in buying after all, or maybe they need more time to be ready to buy now but will come back later when they are ready.

Spending More on Marketing

The main reason behind this is that you are targeting the wrong people. You are spending more on marketing because your target audience needs to buy your product or service. You must re-think your marketing strategy to reach the right people and make them interested in your product or service.

Unusual Amount of Negative Reviews

If there are a lot of negative reviews about your company, it means people don’t like your products and services. If you have many negative reviews, it means people don’t trust you anymore and won’t buy from you again. So, every business owner needs to look at their reviews and see if any improvements need to be made to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

Sudden Spike in People Unsubscribing

It might be due to poor targeting if you notice a sudden spike in people unsubscribing from your email campaigns. If you send emails to people who don’t want them, they’ll be more likely to unsubscribe. To prevent this, ensure that your email campaigns are only being sent to people who have opted-in for them and have expressed interest in what you offer.

Wasting Time With Unqualified Leads

If you spend too much time chasing after unqualified leads, it’s time to reevaluate how well your current targeting strategy is working for you. While there will always be unlimited prospects in any target audience, it’s time to update your marketing strategy if they take up more than 50% of your time and resources.


Keep on top of breadcrumbs, moving those not relevant to you. Drop low-priority audiences, especially un-targetable interests, and make sure your clicks are spread evenly enough to prevent any one bid from being an unusually high percentage of your spend. If anyone spots problems with your bidding, speak up and get help fixing it.

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