What are the types of promotional messages?

Promotional messaging involves marketing messages to sell, upsell, or advertise a service or product. Sharing news and engaging customers can be great for a company’s image. But when the posts become too sales-focused, it can make people feel like they’re being manipulated.

You would be happy to receive an excellent promotional text message from a business. Email messages should be short, written in a friendly tone, and direct the reader clearly to your call to action. They should also contain helpful information or tips that will help them if they decide to buy from you.

Types Of Promotional Messages

Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are the digital form of traditional coupons. They work the same way as paper coupons and can be redeemed at any time without carrying around the physical coupon. Mobile coupons are usually sent via SMS or email but can also be sent by push notification or displayed on a screen in an app. The advantage of mobile coupons is that you can promote a specific offer anytime and place. This is especially useful for companies whose products are not relevant to all customers at all times.

Sales Alert

A sales alert aims to get customers to buy something right now before they forget about it or lose interest in it completely. Sales alerts are also used by retailers who want to promote seasonal products, such as flowers for Mother’s Day or candy for Halloween, when demand for those products is highest. These messages may be sent as text-only emails or as a digest of email and social media posts in one place.

Product/Service Announcement

This message announces the launch of a new product or service. You can also send messages about upcoming promotions, sales, etc. Promoting a new product or service and highlighting special offers and discounts is good. If you have a new service or product that you want to get the word out about, consider sending an announcement email to your subscribers. The goal is to get people excited about these events and hopefully motivate them to buy!

Traditional Advertisement

If you run a business during certain times, your company may experience slower periods. In this scenario, it may be beneficial for you to advertise on text messages so people can visit your shop whenever they want without having pre-set appointment times.

Holiday Promotion

When people are planning their holiday shopping, they are looking for the best deals. You can offer your products at a discounted price and free shipping. You can also provide a coupon code to all customers who buy your products online during the holiday season. This will help you increase sales and gain more exposure for your business.

Flash Sale

Flash sales are one of the most effective marketing strategies to help you gain more exposure for your business. These types of promotions will allow you to sell more products within a short period, which will not only help you generate more profits and build relationships with new customers who may become loyal customers in the future.


Each of these five types of promotional messages can build connections with your followers, but the success and impact of a message will depend on the audience that you’re trying to target. If you want to push your social media strategy to higher levels, try using multiple messages to grab attention and stir up some action from your followers.

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